About me

Mary Frometa, is the founder and singer of Mary’s Band (2001-present), musical group with over 15 years’ artistic experience, who is not only the granddaughter of our remembered and famous musician “Billo Frometa”, but a recognized singer of vocal talent, charisma, passion, elegance and professionalism, who has achieved a prominent position in music and on stage in various cities in Texas, as well as other states and internationally.

Venezuelan daughter, born in Bryan, Texas and raised in Venezuela, Mary came to Houston, Texas where she initiated her professional career in the world of music in 1995.

In 2000, Mary was invited by the Group “La Mafia” – repeatedly winners of the Grammy – to participate on their national tour “2000 Final tour”. From then on, she decided to form her own band – Mary’s Band – which she has led successfully, achieving great recognition and prestige in the community.

According to Mary, the music world has opened up a multitude of wonderful opportunities of which she has managed to make the most. Grateful and proud, in 2001 Mary was hired by the company Anheuser-Bush, Budweiser as image/model of the beer and as the BudLight Band for four consecutive years, representing such company in the states of Texas, Arkansas and Louisiana. The professional, social and personal experience was extraordinary and unforgettable, contributing greatly to her advances and development in social media and on stage. Together with her BudLight team, Mary enlivened for more than 10 years the special events of the Houston Dynamos and the Houston Astros.

Through local entertainment agencies, had the honor of traveling in 2003 and 2004 to Japan and Korea, delighting with her music and Latin beat the American military bases in those countries.

In 2009 she recorded her first album project which she called “Legacy” (Herencia), album dedicated as a tribute to her grandfather “Billo Frometa”, in which she included tropical rhythms with which she identifies herself, such as merenguesalsa and cumbia.

Thanks to her talented and extensive experience, in 2014, Mary was honored to be special guest on two consecutive occasions, to delight the audience at concerts with the Philharmonic Latin American Orchestra of Houston, scene of high renown that placed her overhead on her artistic career.

Then, in early 2015, the outstanding Venezuelan producer, singer, arranger and composer “Mauricio Silva” invited our Mary Frometa to be part of his promising musical project LEGACY OF THE SALSA WORLD (El Legado de la Salsa Mundial), where Mary, along with other renowned artists, pay deserved tribute to the great of  the salsa, including  La Rumba Continua  reminding “Celia Cruz Forever” (where Frometa participates with the musical theme: “Usted Abuso“), a homage to Jairo Varela (founder of the Group Niche), “Al Poeta de la  Salsa” dedicated to the great Ruben Blades, among others.

Here I share the link “Celia Cruz Forever”: https://youtu.be/TbBwmVAfu Q

In May 2017 Mary was invited for the third time to be part of the great event SERENADE TO MOTHERS, with the Philharmonic Orchestra of Houston, where she had the pleasure of sharing the stage with “Lila Morillo”, recognized artist of long trajectory in Venezuela.

Throughout her career, Mary has received several awards in recognition of her dedication and artistic career, including Woman of the Year in Arts 2012, as well as numerous covers of magazines and newspapers of the city.

This 2019, Mary celebrates 15 years of being the ‘Music Band of the House” in CANTINA LAREDO RESTAURANT. Mary’s Band is the only music band in the city of Houston, which has managed to consolidate a more than professional relationship of 15 consecutive years, enlivening the nights of all weekends of this renowned establishment, since the year 2004.

Since 2001, Mary has conquered her audience in a number of events, national and international festivals, Christmas/New Year’s celebrations, private/public presentations in premises of the highest level, thus becoming meritorious of an important reputation and clientele.